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A Simple PHP Photo Gallery


A Bit of Backstory

I've been shooting film on and off for about a decade now. I picked up an old Pentax K1000 when I was a freshman in college and have always loved seeing the results of the very analog chemical process. To this end I've gotten film developed and scanned for personal use... But what happens if I want to share them with people?

Finding a Solution that Fits Me

I'm not a huge fan of complexity when it comes to my website. I like simple. I've been trying to get back into photo-taking and recently I finished off a roll of some very nice Kodak Ektachrome 100 in my SLR. Lots of nice outdoor shots, each one weighing in a few megabytes. I could upload them to imgur or to whereever, but I got a website, I should self host! Of course I just wanted a simple solution, zero setup, SCP to a directory in webroot, etc. I searched around and stumbled upon SFPG. SFPG is a Single File PHP Gallery, and is perfect for the task. After some messing around I have it working properly. My only complaint is since it's just taking the contents of directories, it lacks the ability to add nice metadata like a description or tags. But for what I need, it's pretty much perfect.

You can check it out Here. I hope you like the photos I've taken as well :)

What it looks like

🏷 Website
🏷 Photography